Shared Services (SSC) and BPO for midsized companies?
This is how it works!

I support companies in reducing cost, by showing them where Shared Services Centers (SSC) or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can help to consolidate processes and run them more efficiently.

If you are asking yourself the follwoing questions around Shared Services (SSC) and BPO, then I am your right counterpart.


You are thinking about if and which Shared Services could be leveraged in your company? You are looking for answers to strategic or structural questions?


You have a clear point of view which processes and functions could be consolidated in a Shared Service Center and ask yourself: What is the right international delivery model? What could be sourced externally? How do I approach this?


You are in the midst of implementing  Shared Services (captive or with a provider), but your project is not progressing as planned?


You are already running Shared Services and think about how the current setting could be improved or developed further – functionally, structurally or organisationally?


You are already working with a provider for process management (BPO, Business Process Outsourcing), and you are looking at how to better leverage the potential of this business relationship?


You are heading Shared Services in your company and are looking for a sparring partner with whom you can discuss strategic and operational topics to get an independent outside view?

Now imagine…


you finally have a compelling concept that provides you with clarity on how to specifically structure Shared Services and what it can provide for you in benefits.


you have a clearly structured plan on how to implement Shared Services in your organisation and a point of view on when benefits will kick in.


you have a counterpart who supports you – as needed – in optimizing your Shared Service Center or getting more value out of the business relationship with your service provider.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Then let’s have a conversation.

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