I’m Stephan Göppert, Your companion on the path to Shared Services and BPO.

In a practical way, I support you demand-driven through all project phases.

“For more than 20 years I have been dealing with Shared Services and BPO by guiding companies in setup and expansion of their shared services organisation. At global service providers, I supported companies to successfully implement this concept on a global basis.

My Mission as an independent advisor is to help family-run and small/medium-sized businesses (“Mittelstand”) on their paths towards Shared Services and BPO (business process outsourcing).

My Story

Often have I seen that requests from family-run and small/medium-sized businesses have in a friendly way been denied by global service providers. Usually because such companies were considered “too small” and therefore “not attractive enough”. I was always surprised to hear that this type of companies is being ignored. As I was part of the global BPO industry, there was no other way as to play along. A really unsatisfactory situation.

Global service providers who consult around business processes and operate them can provide broad experience to their clients. Apparently they often focus on large companies as customers.

I was always missing a real focus on family-run and small/medium-sized businesses – the German Mittelstand, those companies which form the backbone of the German economy. Companies which are looking for organisational solution approaches to run their support processes more cost effective. Or companies who have already taken first steps in this direction and are looking for more potential.

After a professional career of 30 years, in 2020 I had the opportunity to drive change. I asked myself, „If not now, then when?” and took the bold step to start my own company.

My goals for you

My goal is to support you by…

Providing clarity around options and value add of Shared Services/BPO to allow you to make a faster decision.

Offering hands on expertise from large projects to help identify and realize all potentials.

Executing transition projects efficiently to realize benefits quickly.

For decades have I helped my clients to find the right concept to consolidate business processes into shared services and to migrate them into shared service centers. All for the benefit of running processes more efficiently at lower cost. These companies often use external providers to realize such a project, simply for the reason of lacking experience or capacity. In these situations, I was in a leadership role as the accountable counterpart of my clients.

Now I’m helping you leverage this expertise in your organization.

Working with me


I work in a practical manner, hands-on, sleves rolled up – exactly how owner-managed businesses operate.


I provide you with the right impetus on the pathway to Shared Services or BPO and point out the stumbling blocks.


I teach you how to do it yourself and guide you through the project. Through my approach you learn how it works, so you can manage further transitions on your own.


I support you needs-based, as required by your company. As an expert I’m an integral part of your internal team.

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